Paradisiac Ecologies, solo exhibition at OK Corral, Copenhagen, 2017  Press release  It felt as if my mind had been colonized by mosquitos, infusing a network of blood veins behind the architecture of my imagination with memories, stored in DNA alien to me. To counter a mental disarray from the itch, I devoted myself to a pool chair, forgetting presence by exposing my body to the power of the sun. Successfully exchanging pain for heat, a  cocktail glass smashed as I accidentally drifted into the water. Drowning without looking, images of a paradisal Island formed on the dark side of my eyelids...   - Primal Tourism, 2016-17  The solo exhibition Paradisiac Ecologies by Jakob Kudsk Steensen at OkCorral is a morbid interpretation of how human imaginations and dreams transform the world around us in inexpedient ways.   Primal Tourism  is a virtual reality work in which visitors become tourists exploring a full-scale simulation of the island Bora Bora. The virtual landscape is built from satellite images, illustrations of the region's future climate, tourist photographs and drawings of the island by explorers from the 1700. In an accompanying 23 minute video, an anonymous protagonist is bitten by a mosquito. Through blood-fusion the protagonist inherit memories from explorers, tourists, wild dogs and insects while exploring the island from a first person perspective.   A Cartography of Fantasia is a 2-screen video installation. The work is based on a two month excursion to abandoned tourist resorts, build from financial speculation in Southern Europe. In the video, a satellite controlled by an autonomous satellite surveils a bizarre landscape transformed by human imaginations of tropical paradises.     Photo documentation:
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